Local Consumer Journey

Over time, the customer journey has changed as customers constantly find new ways to discover local businesses through advertising and fulfill their individual buying needs. One thing that has not changed over time is the presence of a stimulating moment in the customer journey—something that gets a consumer to think about a business.


What does awareness mean in terms of the customer journey? Essentially, awareness is some form of advertising that grabbed the consumer’s attention and has them interested in a product or service.


A local business needs to be found online! Why? Because part of the customer journey involves searching for businesses and looking for websites, location, or for details on products and services that a customer needs.


Customers do not show up to the first business they see anymore, they spend time researching the establishment beforehand.


If a customer has searched for a local business and done their research on the business, it is likely that they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Many businesses have moved their services to their website, including E-Commerce options that allow online purchasing.

Awareness. Findability. Reputation. Conversion. Advocacy.

Needs Based Selling. The 5 Phases of The Modern Customer Journey.

When looking at the local customer journey, we notice that there is a series of steps a consumer takes before a purchase decision is even made: Awareness, Findability, and Reputation.

Many people think that the customer lifecycle ends at the point of sale, but that is not entirely true. The buyer’s journey continues well after the point of purchase, and the buyer has a major influence on other consumers when sharing their customer experience.

If you’re looking to see how a local business can impact or influence a customer’s buying experience then you’re in the right place. We look to show how a local business is involved in each step of the buyer journey and will provide action items to help your local business develop lasting customer relationships.

It all starts with customer awareness…

The different forms of brand awareness in terms of marketing or advertising has transformed drastically over the years. Originating with print advertising, now transitioning to digital advertising. Digital advertising includes a variety of internet marketing tactics including: social media advertising, online advertising, search engine advertising, etc.

What’s awareness mean for businesses?

Today, digital marketing is one of the strongest stimuli in regards to the first step in the customer journey. Digital marketing budgets seem to increase substantially year-by-year, and as major platforms like Google and Facebook continue to innovate, more businesses will adopt digital marketing in their marketing stack.

Why is findability important to your business?

The businesses who win in today’s marketing world are the ones who are most findable. When a customer is looking for a product or service, they might search on google for “haircuts.” This customer is looking for relevant organic search results or paid advertising that stands out to them and addresses their need for a haircut.

Get Accurate. Get Found.

When looking for the direct location of a business a customer is going to look at one thing that will tell them how to get in touch with the business either in person or over the phone, a business listing. A local business needs to be listed online if they expect people to find where their physical location exists. Listings point consumers in the right direction, eventually leading them to an in-store visit at a local business.

How’s does reputation influence the customer?

If a customer happens to read a lot of negativity about a business, it is likely they will continue searching for a business until they find a place they are wanting to do business with. Local establishments must be aware of the impact that online conversation has on the performance of their business and the influence that online discussion has on the customer journey.

What impacts my online reputation?

  • Online Reviews
    Consumers look for online reviews of a local business before a transaction is ever made. If other consumers are posting positive reviews about a local business, it is more likely that other consumers will visit.
  • Social Media
    A consistent presence and activity on social media show consumers that a local business cares about customer service and consumer interaction.

What impacts Conversion?

As more and more customers adopt the online shopping lifestyle, the presence of websites and E-Commerce options become more significant. If a customer prefers to shop in-store, a website may list different brands or products that a customer can expect to see in the store.

Note: It is still extremely important for local businesses to have websites even if they choose to sell their products and services in-store as opposed to online.

Customer Conversion & your website presence.

A website acts as the virtual doorway for consumers to visit a local business. Without one, a local business isn’t seen by people searching for their products/services. In 2018, we are seeing more and more businesses offering an online storefront to accommodate online shopper’s needs.

Going beyond the sale with advocacy.

Loyal customers are the customers who spend the most and visit the most frequently to a local business. The ability to retain customer support is something that every local business should work towards. Local businesses work hard to acquire sales and to retain customers, and they must be sure that they are taking proactive measures to offer the best customer experience possible.

Grow Your Reach. Grow Your Business.

Well, to be sure that a local business is involved at each step in the customer journey they must be present in a variety of areas in terms of marketing and web presence. At Rhino Elite Marketing, we like to refer to the essential components of a local business’s marketing efforts as a local marketing stack. Get your complimentary local marketing checklist of 5 Exercises to Increase Brand Awareness.

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